Frequently Asked Questions

What is a title?
What is title insurance?
What is a title search?
Why is transferring the title to real estate different from transferring the title of other items, such as a car?
What kind of problems can a title search reveal?
Are there any problems that a title search cannot reveal?
How much could I lose if a claim is filed against my property?
How does title insurance protect my investment if a claim should arise
The owner of the property has a deed. Isn't that proof of ownership?
The owner of the property I want to purchase has lived in the home for only six months. He had a title search done six months ago. Why do I need another one?
If the builder of my home already has title insurance on the property, why do I need it again when I purchase the land from him?
What is the difference between an Owner's policy and a Loan policy?
How long does my coverage last?